This article gives you a quick understanding of the steps involved in using VueX to deliver amazing customer journeys.

Getting Your VueX Account

Our support team will help get your account activated in VueX. Once your account is activated, you can log in through the link provided here

VueX is a product designed for desktop. We recommended logging in on desktop, Chrome browser for the best experience.

Steps Involved in Creating Optimized Customer Journeys

You can create optimized customer journeys by following the steps listed in the table below:

1. Configuring your catalog feeds and setup of your website pages in VueX. Page setup is necessary for the app to recognize pages for serving recommendations as well as tracking customer actions. Our customer delivery team will assist you with this step.

2. Determine what Journeys you want to create - i.e., what type of recommendations you would like to serve on which pages and for which Audience.

2.1. For each Journeys conceived, follow these steps:

  For each web page involved in the Journey

  • Create an Experience
  • Create the Modules for this Experience with your choice of Strategy and Template. You can use the preset Strategies and Templates or create your own. Templates are not applicable if recommendations are integrated via API.

    Note: You need to install the VueX chrome extension to enable live preview of experiences.

2.2 Create a Journey and add all experiences to this journey.

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3. Copy and paste the Embed Code provided in the app into your web pages.

Embed Code serves two purposes - 
1. Tracking customer actions on your website that influence personalization.
2. Rendering recommendations as configured in Modules. Rendering by Embed Code is not applicable if Journey integration is done via API.

4. Publish the Journey and see the Journeys live on your website.

For API based integration of Journeys: Once a Journey is published in the VueX app, it gets  reflected instantly in recommendations fetched over API. 

5. You can create multiple Journeys for a given Audience and run A/B tests in a few clicks from the app.

Customer Journey Management