Business Rules are manually configured filtering conditions applied on top of the strategy to target a specific subset of products. Only those products that match the filtering conditions are displayed on the module. You can configure multiple business rules as long as every condition is met and yields results to serve the product recommendations. Business Rules can be set while configuring models and while creating an experience.

For example: 

For Business use case - To display only dresses priced less than or equal to $100 in “Most Popular Dresses” 

Set Filtering Condition: 

Filter: Price

Condition: less than or equal to

Value: 100

Value Type: $

Apply To:

Attribute: Category

Condition: Is

Value: Dresses

Warning: Avoid creating conflicting business rules as they can yield inconsistent or no results.

Configuring Business Rules

  1. Click Add a new Business Rule.
  2. Enter a name for your business rule.
  3. Click + to add a new filtering condition.

  4. Edit the following fields to set the filtering conditions for your business rule:




    Choose the product attribute from the drop-down to set the filtering condition. For example, the brand filter lets you limit the range of products included in the recommendation to a particular brand.


    Choose the filtering condition for the corresponding filter from the drop-down. For example, you can choose one of the following conditions for brand filter:

    • Is

    • Is not

    When applied, these conditions limit the recommendation result to a specific set of products that match the criteria.

    Note: The conditions will vary depending on the type of filter.


    Choose a value for the corresponding filter. For example, you can enter a numeric value for a price filter or select a brand name for the brand filter.

    Value Type

    The currency type of the filter. If you choose % of source, then only products priced in that price percentage range will be considered. For example, if the source product price is $100 and the filtering rule is set as:

    Price equals 20 % of the source, then only product priced $20 will be considered.

    Note: This field is applicable only for Price Filter

  1. Click + Add additional criteria to specify the different criteria/attributes on which the filtering conditions are applied. 

  2. Click All to apply the filtering conditions on all the attributes. Click Any to apply the filtering conditions on any one of the attributes.

Edit the following fields to specify additional criteria.




Choose the product attribute from the drop-down to specify on which the filtering condition must be applied. For example, you can set a filtering condition Price equals 100 and apply it to category dresses.


Choose the condition for the corresponding attribute from the drop-down.


Choose a value for the corresponding attribute.