To understand the impact of on your eCommerce business, we provide a host of impact metrics. These metrics help you gain valuable insights on the incremental revenue and improved user engagement that is driving for your website. You can view key metrics such as direct revenue, assisted revenue, total clicks on recommendations, and so on. Additionally, you can gauge how clicking on a recommendation can impact revenue per visitor and conversion rate.

Viewing VueX Impact Metrics

  1. Choose Metrics from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click on the drop-down and select the time period to be used for calculating the metrics. The default time period is 30 days. 

  3. Click the VueX Impact Metrics tab.

  4. View the following key metrics by default. More metrics available in the "Manage" section:

    1. Assisted Revenue (visit)

    2. Direct Revenue (7 day)

    3. Click-Through Rate

    4. Direct Cart Additions (7 day)

    5. Direct Product Purchases (7 day)

    6. User Engagement Rate

Click View Trends to view the key metrics trends.

  1. The visit segmentation is depicted as a pie chart to represent the total visits in the journey(s) and total visits in the no-treatment journey

  2. View the following metrics to identify how has influenced the visitors.

    1. Revenue per Visit

    2. Conversion Rate

    3. Average Order Value

    4. Product Views per Visit

Click View Trends to view the segmentation metrics trends.

  1. Represented as a  conversion funnel, compare journey and no-treatment journey based on the following:

    1. Visits that Viewed Products

    2. Visits that Added To Cart

    3. Visits that Made a Purchase

Click View Trends to view the conversion funnel trends.

Viewing Summary Metrics

Viewing Performance Metrics

Report Metrics Glossary