Strategies allow you to choose the underlying Machine Learning Model that dictates the logic behind various approaches to product recommendations. Powered by several algorithmic decisions, these Models analyze, learn, and discover patterns in customer, product, and contextual data to present every customer with a personalized experience.

Strategies also support configuring business rules on top of the models to alter the recommendation result. For example, you can set a business rule to display trending dresses priced above $50 in the recommendation result.

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Create a Strategy

  1. Choose Assets > Strategies from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click New Strategy.

  3. Choose a model for your strategy. For example, choose Contextual and select a model. The Manage Strategy page is displayed.

  4. Clickto configure model parameters. 

  5. Visit the articles mentioned against the relevant model,  under 'VueX Models', to know how to customize the model parameter parameters.

  6. Once you are done configuring the parameters, click Next.

  7. Indicate whether you want to apply 1:1 affinity-based personalization on the model. 

  8. You can also apply business rules while creating a strategy.

VueX Models

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Similar ProductsRecommends products with similar attributes. Matches similarity vectors and picks products from the catalog with attributes similar to the product currently in view
Trending Products

Recommends the most popular products on the website based on pre-defined customer triggers 

Inspired by Browsing HistoryRecommends products based on specific customer's search history
Recently EngagedRecommends products that were last engaged with by the customer, with the most recently engaged product appearing first. 
Collaborative FilteringEstablishes patterns between customers (creating a group), and recommends products within the group

Collaborative Filtering

Recommended for YouRecommends products considering a combination of customer's behavioral preferences and product currently in viewRecommended for You

There are two types of bundling models you can configure on VueX,

  • Cross Product Bundling - Displays cross-product recommendations, based on the product in view
  • Product Curations Bundling - Displays a collection of product outfits for a particular theme
Bundling Models

Module creation by combining strategy and template