On the home page, shoppers are typically browsing casually. This is the best touchpoint to inspire and encourage them to explore more products. You can place the trending products module to display the most popular products to your visitors. 

Uplift: Increased user engagement and improved conversion rate



Create a template for rendering the product recommendation.


Step 1: Create a strategy by configuring the Trending model.

Step 2: Create a module by combining the trending strategy and the template and enter the following details for the module:

  • Total number of product tiles
  • Title for the recommendation module
  • Assign a single strategy to all tiles

Step 3: Create an experience for the Home page and add the trending module.

  • Choose inline or pop-behavior for the module
  • Select the placement for the module

Step 4: Create a journey by adding the experience for the home page

Step 5: Run A/B Test

Step 5: Publish the journey to the website.