On the product display pages, shoppers display a higher level of intent. At this stage, it is crucial to keep them engaged and deliver highly relevant recommendations. PDP page also presents an opportunity to cross-sell and upsell products from your catalog. You can blend Frequently Bought Together and Customers who bought this also bought recommendation strategies in a single module and place the module on the product detail page.

Uplift: Increased AOV, Increased Average order size, and Good catalog coverage



Create a template for rendering the product recommendation.


Step 1: Create two strategies by configuring the Frequently Bought Together and Collaborative Filtering model.

Step 2: Create a module by combining the two strategies and a template and enter the following details for the module.

  • Enter the total number of product tiles    
  • Enter a title for the recommendation module.
  • Manually assign the two strategies to different product tiles.

Step 3: Create an experience for the PDP by adding the module

  • Choose inline or pop-up behavior for the module.
  • Select the placement for the module

Step 4: Create a journey by adding the experience for the PDP page.

Step 5: Run A/B Test.

Step 6: Publish the journey to the website.