VueX's intuitive analytics dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of your website performance and the impact of VueX’s personalization campaigns. You can visualize data and performance across all customer journeys and identify the best-suited optimized journey for your customers.

The main benefit of any form of analytics are the insights you get from processing and analyzing data.

Examples of such insights that you can derive from the VueX analytics tool are:

  1. Which customer journey(s) drives more revenue?
  2. Which journey(s) resonated with your customers the most?
  3. What is the impact of Vue.ai's modules on your business and website performance?
  4. Which experience(s) are the most customer engaging?
  5. Which customer journey(s) resulted in churn?

The Analytics tool provides valuable insights and key metrics on the performance of your customer journeys filtered by audience/segments, date, and channel.

You can view the following metrics via our dashboard

  1. Summary Metrics
  2. VueX's Impact Metrics
  3. Performance Metrics

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