Module not appearing on a webpage.


  1. The element where the module was placed is missing from the webpage

  2. Business rules applied yielded no results.

How to verify the problem?

  1. Login to your VueX.

  2. Choose Experiences from the top navigation bar. The listing page is displayed.

  3. Click Experience created for the webpage.

  4. Select the corresponding module and click icon

  5. Click View/Edit Placement.

  6. Verify that the element is present on the web page and check if any new elements were added to the website domain that broke the hierarchy. 

  7. If there are no issues with the placement element, then verify that the business rules applied to the module yields results.

How to solve the problem?

Place the module to point to an element present on the webpage.


Add a unique hidden element as a reference to place the module.


Add a unique attribute to the reference element that will remain untouched.


Add relevant business rules that yield results.