What is a strategy?

Powered by artificial intelligence, our recommendation algorithms mine users, products, and contextual information to deliver rich, personalized experiences to every user resulting in increased customer engagement, higher-order sizes, and more sales. You can customize our out-of-the-box models to create a variety of recommendation strategies based on your business needs. These models along with the customizations are called strategies.

Can I modify/change the parameters?

Yes, you can modify the parameters of a given model. 

Can I add business rules?

Yes, you can add business rules to any strategy. For example, you can define 'Trending in Dresses' by selecting the trending products model and applying a category filter as dresses. You can do this while creating modules as well. Recommendations will only be displayed if there are products matching the filter criteria applied. Read more about business rules here.


Can I create new strategies?

Yes, apart from the list of out of the box strategies, you can also create new strategies to compliment your business needs.