This model recommends products considering the customer's behavioral preferences as well as attributes similar to the product currently in view. It enables your customers to discover new products from the catalog and quickens the purchasing decision. Based on various criteria, the model assigns, score for each product, and the products with the highest score are recommended to the customers.

You can configure this model to create various types of recommendation strategies by assigning varied importance to product attributes such as brand, color, and category, customer events such as add-to-cart, buys, page views, etc.

Configuration Example

Example 1:

Configure this model to create a strategy with the following values:

Product Attribute(s):

Assign maximum importance to page views under Customer Events

Assign maximum importance to shape

Set lookback period as weekly

Choose yes for 1:1 affinity-based personalization 


Recommend products similar to those viewed by the customer in the last 7 days with similar shape products appearing first. The recommendation results will be personalized, i.e., adapted based on the data collected about the customer's individual preferences. 

For example, if a customer has viewed a fit-and-flare dress in the last 7 then the configured strategy will recommend more similar products that are fit-and-flare.

  1. Choose Assets > Strategies from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click New Strategy.

  3. Choose Journey Based  > Recommended for You. The Manage Strategy page is displayed.

  4. Click to configure model parameters. 

  5. Click + to add a Product Attribute and choose an attribute from the drop-down.

  6. Drag the slider to indicate how important the product attribute is to the model. The values range from -1 to 1. 

    Note: Click Reset to Default to restore model parameters to default values.
  1. Click Next.

  2. Indicate whether you want to apply 1:1 affinity-based personalization on the model.